[Assist] texlive-core and Emacs org2pdf export via latex

Divan Santana divan at santanas.co.za
Mon Aug 8 22:35:05 BST 2016

Hi All,

So I came across an issue where the default Emacs org-mode export to PDF
doesn't work correctly.

Specifically it complains about missing =ecrm1095.mf= font. After some
digging and thanks to #emacs, I found out this is due to the modified
package of =texlive-core= by parabola devs. IE, installing the Arch
Linux version of this package, makes Emacs org2pdf export (via latex)
work as expected.

I'm wondering what the exact reason for removing this file from the
package is? More important and general question, how can one look up the
reason for the Parabola modifications/changes in general packages?

I suspect there may be a valid reason. I'd like to then take it up with
the org-mode devs, to perhaps consider changing the default to work with
a free software compatible package.

Keep well and thanks for the great work.
Best regards,

Divan Santana

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