[Assist] Bad signature for package gnucash and/or a dependency; how to correct?

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Fri Aug 5 22:06:57 BST 2016

Le ven. 5 août 2016 à 15:46, David Hunt <dahunt at posteo.de> a écrit :
> How would I either correct the signature
I suspect your pacman keyring is outdated. This could be the case if you
ran a partial upgrade but didn't include archlinux-keyring and
parabola-keyring. Try to update those packages first, preferably all of
your system. You can also manually update the keyring with

# pacman-key --refresh-keys

> or force the installation

Probably not a good idea, but you could achieve it disabling signature
verification in your pacman.conf.

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