[Assist] PXE network boot of Parabola install ISO fails with missing /dev/disk/by-label/PARA_201505 error

Seth list at sysfu.com
Sat Jun 27 19:40:08 BST 2015

I'm trying to boot the Parabola ISO via PXE & syslinux using the following  
menu entry

LABEL Parabola GNU/Linux install ISO
         LINUX install/parabola/memdisk
         INITRD install/parabola/parabola-install.iso
         APPEND iso vmalloc=512M

It will load far enough to get to the initial menu. After selecting the  
first menu option "Boot Parabola GNU/Linux-libre (x86_64)" the boot fails  
shortly thereafter with the error:

"Waiting 30 seconds for device /dev/disk/by-label/PARA_201505 ...
ERROR: '/dev/disk/by-label/PARA_201505' device did not show up after 30  
    Falling back to interactive prompt

Manual inspection of /dev/disk with ls command only shows by-id and  
by-uuid subdirs present.

Also, if there's an iPXE kernel image netbook installer available for  
Parabola that would be helpful.

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