[Assist] pacstrap spews a dozen "(invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature))" errors on fresh install

Sorin-Mihai Vârgolici sorin-mihai at vargolici.com
Sat Jun 27 01:41:16 BST 2015

Just update the keys before installing. This would be temporary since
you would be running from the ISO, so if you reboot before installing,
you'll have to do it again. It won't be needed in the newly installed
system, at least not immediately; usually, it's not a problem on
working/updated systems.

See https://wiki.parabola.nu/Installation_Guide#Verification_of_package

Given the experience I had with changed keys, I would also update the
keys from Arch, which are in the archlinux-keyring package.

>From time to time, depending on the ISO available for installation, if
it's not the latest for various reasons, I would do a full upgrade of
the live system before even trying to install on new media, to avoid
any other problems related to the contents of the ISO itself.

Sorin-Mihai Vârgolici

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