[Assist] 'could not be locally signed' error when trying to install parabola keyring

Seth list at sysfu.com
Mon Jan 19 21:56:24 GMT 2015

On Mon, 19 Jan 2015 13:06:30 -0800, ingegnue <ingegnue at riseup.net> wrote:

> That is as I expected -- it should resolve after you do pacman-key  
> --populate parabola and pacman-key --refresh-keys. Did you try those two  
> steps?
> After you do those two, what is the output of pacman -Sy  
> parabola-keyring?

I had aborted the process after running "pacman -Sy parabola-keyring" and  
getting the error again.

The key to resolving was to continue in spite of the errors and run both  
of these commands.

pacman-key  --populate parabola
pacman-key --refresh-keys

Thank you for your help.

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