[Assist] wireless drivers

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Jan 3 10:42:43 GMT 2015

>    2a) I didn't look if some specific eeprom driver was used or could be
>    used to do that.

https://iwleeprom.googlecode.com/svn/branches/atheros/ can read the
EEPROM of an ath9k card,
http://madwifi-project.org/wiki/UserDocs/AthInfo should work for ath5k.
No tool succeeded at writing it and I don't know the EEPROM data layout
used by ath9k cards.

>    2b) I didn't try dumping the eeprom, modifying it and writing it
>    back with an external flasher.

It might be hidden under the RF shield and it might be a very small I2C
chip.  Not as easy as SOIC-8 SPI flash for laptop's boot firmware.

>    3b) Using other internal connectors than the usual mini-pcie
>    connector reserved for the wifi card. Maybe extra mini-pci connector
>    or internal usb connector could be used to avoid the BIOS whitelist
>    issue.

There might be internal USB cards in the miniPCIe form factor.  Some
laptops don't check what is in the second miniPCIe slot, but some have
no PCI there (X60 has one PCI-only slot for wifi and one USB-only for
WWAN).  There might be issues with e.g. the rfkill pin.
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