[Assist] geogebra license is GNU GPL

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Sun Dec 27 03:27:11 GMT 2015

On 12/26/2015 10:42 PM, Isaac David wrote:
> Allow me to be more precise:
> Geogebra is an instance of copyleft + proprietary dual-licensing, but
> unlike most copyleft + proprietary dual-licensed software Geogebra
> doesn't relicense the copyleft code in order to grant GPL exemptions.
> They rather relicense official binaries to disallow commercial usage,
> but the source code remains free software so someone could in principle
> produce a GPL release. It's all explained
> here: https://www.geogebra.org/download/license.txt

Yes, they says:

"Please note that GeoGebra as a complete software program would probably
not be considered "free" software according to the definition of that
term which is used by the Free Software Foundation. This is because the
restrictions on commercial use that apply to the GeoGebra installers,
web services and language files add-ons might be seen to be a
restriction on the software as a whole (thus making it "non-free"), even
though the GeoGebra source code is made available under the GNU General
Public License without restriction. You can rest assured that our
license terms fully respect all existing licenses from third parties
(including the GNU General Public License and all Creative Commons
variants) and have been checked by an experienced law firm."

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