[Assist] [Dev] Fwd: Re: Xorg Problem with Radeon

arnuld uttre arnuld.mizong at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 17:06:16 UTC 2014

> On 9/13/14, André Silva <emulatorman at riseup.net> wrote:

> I've wrote about CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS on my previous messages on devs
> lists saying "As of Linux-libre 3.9, CONFIG_DRM_RADEON includes KMS
> support by default, so i've removed CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS from our
> config files because it doesn't exists anymore.[0]"

I read your link and do not understand the problem completely.
Linux-Libre has removed  module CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS because it no
longer needed in Linux-Libre because the one existing
CONFIG_DRM_RADEON is providing the support for same functionality

I got that right I hope.

> Your problem is due to lack of firmware which newer kernel versions
> made necessary for KMS. It is similar case than Jorginho.

So X is asking something which is removed because it was non-free and
not needed or no longer existed, I don't know . All I know booting and
X do not work properly. I did read your reply:


So , what do I do now ?   Buy a new Nvidia Card ?


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