[Assist] ecrm1000 font in texlive

Arun I theroarofthedragon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 22:01:05 GMT 2014

> BTW, there aren't packages for XeTeX or LuaTeX on the repository, neither on AUR. In my case, I require some
> extra help to achieve the change!

XeTeX and LuaTex are not separate packages. They are part of texlive-bin
from the libre repository. If you have pdflatex, you already have
xelatex and lualatex.

> Nice, but, this works also for things like python-sphynx or Emacs muse exporting to PDF? This problem always
> make any export to PDF fails, is very problematic.

I have not used python-sphynx or emacs muse. But, I did use asciidoc. In
asciidoc, you generate docbook code and run it through dblatex to
generate a pdf.

So, when invoking a2x, you can ask dblatex to use xetex as backend like so

a2x --dblatex-opts="-b xetex" yourasciidocfile.txt

Likewise, I am assuming there are ways in which you can somehow convince
python-spyhnx and emacs muse to use the xetex backend.

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