[Assist] ecrm1000 font in texlive

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Nov 15 21:19:03 GMT 2014

> Is the ecrm1000 font non-free? It exists in texlive-core package from
> Arch Linux, but does not in the texlive-core package from Parabola's
> libre repo.

It is free, while it contains code from the PL fonts claiming both to be
public domain (in a jurisdiction where people cannot release their works
into the public domain), forbidding modification and restricting
selling.  I don't know if their authors gave an explicit permission to
use it under a different license, nor if they were asked for clarifying
their license.  (When I checked, not all files from the EC fonts were
included in the Parabola package, violating their free license.)

> Are there any ways I can avoid this problem? Perhaps, there are
> alternative fonts I can use. Please help.

Use a Unicode TeX engine (XeTeX or LuaTeX) with OpenType fonts and
fontspec package, or the QX encoding for 8-bit TeX engines.  Don't
choose the T1 encoding regardless of what font you use, it always needs
the EC font metrics.
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