[Assist] lightspark+gnash

Dima dima at minignu.minidns.net
Mon Jun 23 09:28:04 GMT 2014


  I have installed the 'gnash', 'gnash-gtk' and 'lightspark' packages.

1. When I open 'addons' tab in IceWeasel, it shows there only the
'gnash' plugin. Shouldn't it show some of 'lightspark' either?

2. When I open e.g. YouTube (which before installation of gnash and
lightspark worked perfectly), the videos from there don't work, the area
where the video should has been shown looks scrambled.

Thus, what can I do best of 'gnash' and 'lighspark' ?

At least how do I make them not interfere in sites that do not require
them (probably 'html5' sites)?

Thanks, regards,

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