[Assist] no init after installation

Dima dima at minignu.minidns.net
Wed Jun 11 23:07:11 GMT 2014

  I did an installation of Parabola using the official media from Sep

  After doing all installation steps from the Wiki, then rebooting,
  seemingly root FS is checked and then the system just stops - no
  login screen appears. The system does not hang - it reacts to e.g.
  CDROM insertion, CTRL-ALT-DEL.

  Seemingly no init script is run, and there is indeed no init and no
  /etc/inittab on the system... Wiki says Parabola uses sysvinit, but it
  is not onboard.... If it is systemd... The bottom line - sytem does
  not init!

  I would appreciate help on how do I continue to make fresh installed
  system to be a working one.


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