[Assist] about buying a video card that respect my freedom

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Sat Jan 11 06:44:28 GMT 2014


I'm in the process of making a list of parts to build a desktop
computer. I search on h-node for NVIDIA videocards with functional 3D
acceleration, and I found this[1]. The thing is that I cannot find the
GK104 videocard model on newegg.com, but a lot of videocards that are
GeForce GTX 760 shows up on my search[2]. So, I got into problems about
which card to buy (in near future) because I don't know if this "GeForce
GTX 760" relation between cards say something about their compatibly
with the nouveau driver. Any recommendation?

PS: yes, 3D acceleration is a must for me since I'll be doing
advertisement design (and gaming from time to time)!

Pax et bonum.
Jorge Araya Navarro.
Diseñador publicitario, programador Python/C++ y colaborador en Parabola
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