[Assist] wireless drivers

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Sat Dec 27 19:46:31 GMT 2014

Rill writes:

> This seems odd to me. Doesn't freedom suggest I get to choose exceptions 
> or to use my laptop away from  a wired internet connection?

Well, no, freedom is the right to do what we ought. That kind of freedom you talk about is a misconception of
what freedom actually is.

You could get a new wifi card that works with free drivers, take a look here[1] and be sure that is a piece of
hardware compatible with you laptop's socket (for laptops it is usual that the card is a mini-PCI, but should
check first your actual wifi card)

[1]: https://h-node.org/wifi/catalogue/en/1/1/undef/undef/yes/mini-PCI-E/undef/undef

I did this for my old laptop.

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