[Assist] Install problem.

nicolasfloquet59 at gmail.com nicolasfloquet59 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 15:21:05 GMT 2014

Román <roman at mailoo.org> writes:

> Hi everybody.
> I am trying to install this great libre-distro but I get this error:
> error: parabola-keyring: signature from Andre Silva is unknown trust
> when I executed pacman -Sy parabola-keyring
> How can I do to fix this problem?
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> Román.

Hi Roman,

I don't know myself how to solve your problem. Have you tried to
question in the channel #parabola on the freenode IRC server ?

(Actually, I have exactly the same problem what I have avoided according
to a manipulation that I think it's bad. LOL, so I can't recommand
it. ^_^)

So,try IRC. ^^


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