[Assist] Conflicts between your-privacy and gdm and kde

Heather Kelly heather at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Sep 25 06:17:58 GMT 2013


This is my first parabola installation.  I've installed the non-prism
"your-privacy" package.  Now I'm attempting to install Gnome or KDE,
however both end in conflicts with your-privacy.  While I could just remove
your-privacy, I'd like to see if there is a workaround.  Both of the
conflicts do appear in the blacklist:


When trying to install gdm via "pacmac -S gdm", pacman ends with a conflict
between libgdata and your-privacy.

Next I tried kde and that end in conflicts between libkfapi and
your-privacy.  I tried to whittle down what KDE meta package was causing
this, and it seems to be kde-meta-kdebase.  Poking around I see that
libkfapi is associated with Facebook, so I understand the desire to avoid
it - I'm just not sure how to install KDE without it being included.

Has anyone else run into a similar issue?

Take care,
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