[Assist] Unknown host output while trying to ping a website.

Sachin Dey sachinsdey at yahoo.com
Wed May 29 12:50:04 GMT 2013

On Sunday 26 May 2013 10:41 PM, Michał Masłowski wrote:
> Check your /etc/resolv.conf, it should have a nameserver line with an IP
> address that you can reach.  Set it to a public DNS server like,
> or use the pppd usepeerdns option to have it set to your ISP nameservers
> (I don't know how pppoe tools handle this).
I added the "nameserver" and also the ISP's DNS in 
/etc/resolv.conf but everytime i ran "pppoe-start" resolv.conf gets 
reset to how it was before, like only with comments

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