[Assist] Packages installation troubles

crazybygnulinux crazybygnulinux at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 11:55:35 GMT 2013

It's Ainara, I'm newbie in parabola I still using trisquel distro but
it overload my old pc and for this matter I begun to use parabola.
I use the last iso. My trouble come from step when downloading packages,
not all of them if not some, like parabola-keyring-20130609-1-any,
linux-libre-3.9.7-1-i686, pacman-4.1.2-1-i686, your-freedom-20130621-1-any
and linux-libre-api-headers-3.8.4-1-i686, linux-libre-firmware-3.9.-1-any
The message show: file /mnt/var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-.......pkg.tar.xz is
corrupted (invalidor corrupted package (PGP signature)) in  repos server
lines are without #. So, it should work I think.

Any sugestion please? What can I do?
Thanks in advance!
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