[Assist] Problem with installing Parabola on Yeeloong

Szymon Olewniczak szymon.olewniczak at rid.pl
Thu Jun 6 06:58:21 GMT 2013

> I installed the MIPS port of Parabola on my Yeeloong 8089B, with
> limited success.
> I booted from a USB stick and followed the instructions on the wiki,
> except that I run pacman -Su and pacman -Sc before installing packages
> because pacman complained that some packages were without signature.
> (I could not install iceweasel-libre due to an error in signature,
> though.)  Along the way I had partitioned the HDD into one for / and
> one for swap and extracted the tar ball in the former.  Then I
> installed xorg.conf from the wiki in /etc/X11.
I really recomend not to use icecat on this machine - it's to slow.
The best solution would be netsurf. It has its own rendering engine and
it's really fast and dealing with web pages much better than dillo.

> The problem is that gdm does not run after reboot.  I could not find
> any logs regarding gdm and X under /var/log.  Since systemctl
> complains that it could not connect via DBus, I doubt systemd is
> running properly.
Do you really need gdm? This Yeeloong machines are not the most powerful
ones so I think that gdm is unnessesery. Simple shell login and startx
isn't enough for you? But anyway you must install DBus to have systemd
working properly(dbus package in parabola repo). Then try to add gdm, as
systemctl enable gdm
If it doesn't report any error but X won't start, try to run in
xinit /usr/bin/gdm -- :0 
and tell me what do you get.


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