[Assist] Problem with installing Parabola on Yeeloong

YAMAMOTO Kentaro ykentaro at acm.org
Thu Jun 6 02:30:21 GMT 2013

Hello list,

I installed the MIPS port of Parabola on my Yeeloong 8089B, with
limited success.

I booted from a USB stick and followed the instructions on the wiki,
except that I run pacman -Su and pacman -Sc before installing packages
because pacman complained that some packages were without signature.
(I could not install iceweasel-libre due to an error in signature,
though.)  Along the way I had partitioned the HDD into one for / and
one for swap and extracted the tar ball in the former.  Then I
installed xorg.conf from the wiki in /etc/X11.

The problem is that gdm does not run after reboot.  I could not find
any logs regarding gdm and X under /var/log.  Since systemctl
complains that it could not connect via DBus, I doubt systemd is
running properly.

I would be grateful if you could help me solve this problem.


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