[Assist] [YeeLong] Cannot boot parabola

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Jul 4 12:30:31 GMT 2013

> mayby agetty was moved there, but the link could not be created
> because eventually not all binaries from /sbin have been moved
> (e.g. custom installs)

Or maybe some scripts (or systemd units) have hardcoded paths in /bin,
/sbin or /usr/sbin, they won't work unless the filesystem package is

initscripts is not maintained, it wasn't updated for the move, so it has
/usr/sbin/rc.d which prevents filesystem from being updated (there might
be more such files, see pacman -Qm for some of affected packages, not
all were removed yet).  parabolagnulinux.org news document most of
what's needed to solve this while migrating to systemd.
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