[Assist] How do you install LXDE on a base-devel system?

Harry Prevor habstinat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 18:32:43 GMT 2013

On 2/22/13, alanfishy at lavabit.com <alanfishy at lavabit.com> wrote:
> Hello! New beginner user here. I managed to follow the wiki and install a
> base-devel system with working internet connection but I need a graphical
> interface.


> [snip] Do I
> have to install x11 also?

Yes; X11 is a dependency of LXDE. I'll show you how to do that too.

> Can someone please detail the steps to install a login manager, lxde and
> also configure it so that it starts every time I start the machine?

In Parabola, the latest version of pretty much everything you could
ever want can be installed with pacman, and then configured using the

You mentioned two things: A login manager, and lxde. As I wrote
earlier, the general steps for getting anything to work in Arch are:

    1. Choose a package.
    2. Install using pacman.
    3. Configure using the wiki.

For step one, there are a few login/display managers out there, but a
popular choice is SLiM. As you may have guessed, you can install it
with pacman:

    pacman -S slim

Let's take a look at Parabola's wiki article for SLiM to configure it:


Because your installation is new, you're using systemd by default, and
there's no reason to change that. To enable the SLiM service using
systemd, do:

    systemctl enable slim.service

You'll need to make a ~/.xinitrc file (even though you don't have LXDE
installed yet) -- just use nano to create it (as your regular user,
not as root!):

    nano ~/.xinitrc

Add the contents of the sample file on the wiki, but replace "exec
[session-command]" with "exec startlxde". Then press Ctrl-O to write
the file, and Ctrl-X to exit.

That's all you /need/ to do for SLiM, but feel free to do anything
else you see on the wiki to customize it to your liking.

Now, onto LXDE, which can be installed in the same way:

    pacman -S lxde

(you may need to select all packages in the group when prompted.) And
of course, there is a wiki article for this too:


Execute the two commands mentioned on the wiki as your normal wiki to
copy Openbox files over. Also as mentioned on the wiki, you'll want to
install a few common LXDE programs:

    pacman -S gamin leafpad obconf epdfview

You may need to install the xorg-xinit package too; TBH I'm not sure
if it's installed with the rest.

Now, simply reboot to be brought to SLiM. Log in, and you'll be
brought to LXDE. Don't be afraid of trying the tips and tricks;
they're there for a reason!

Now that you're set up, hopefully you know how to use the wiki and
pacman to install packages easily in the future. :-)

Harry Prevor

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