[Assist] PGP keys problem

Esteban Carnevale alfplayer at mailoo.org
Sat Dec 21 22:49:39 GMT 2013


I'm replying in case this is still an issue.

> I tried to migrate from Arch Linux to Parabola following wiki instructions. I did populate pacman-key with parabola, checked with pacman-key -l that those keys are installed but could not update anything with pacman -Syya

I verified that this works minutes ago using a virtual machine. "-a" is 
not a valid pacman option. 

> One of the two servers is obviously down, and I got errors "missing required signature" for any repo I wanted to load. I cleaned the cache before.
> Is it a bug?

All the mirrors have been down. The main repository 
repo.parabolagnulinux.org can be used.

Esteban Carnevale (alfplayer)

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