[Assist] Partitioning

mforestier at free.fr mforestier at free.fr
Tue Aug 28 19:55:04 GMT 2012

Sorry for my poor english, I'm french... ;-)
But I'm a happy Lemote Yeeloong user!
I've one ext2 partition for /boot
One swap partition
And two ext4: one for / and the other for /home
I'm not install with usb key but I'm interested for a usb rescue key.
I can't boot with the one I've made when first Parabola install and I don't
remember why.
But for now, all is good, thanks again for all Parabola's developpers!

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 07:59:57PM +0400, Stayvoid wrote:


> What do you use on your YeeLoongs?
> Could you suggest a better scheme?
> What about file system type (i.e. ext3)? Should I change it to something else?

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