[Assist] Parabola LiveUSB

Stayvoid stayvoid at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 23:53:08 GMT 2012


I'd like to install Parabola to Yeeloong.

But I must change my partition scheme prior to that.
That's why I want to boot from an external media.

What should I do to make a LiveUSB?

Here is what I did:
1. Downloaded this [1] package;
2. Unpacked and copied it to my USB flash drive;
3. Used the following commands to load it:

load (usb0,0)/boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre
initrd (usb0,0)/boot/initramfs-linux-libre.img
g console=tty no_auto_cmd


:: Starting udevd...
:: Running Hook [udev]
:: Triggering uevents...done.
ERROR: device '' not found. Skipping fsck.
ERROR: Unable to find root device ''.
You are being dropped to a recovery shell
    Type 'exit' to try and continue booting
sh: can't access tty; job control turned off


Recovery shell has a limited functionality. For example, it
doesn't contain fdisk nor parted. And I haven't found a way to
configure the network.

But I was able to mount partitions. I think that I can copy
fdisk from there, but the whole process looks like an overkill.

Am I doing it wrong?
Is there a better package for such purpose?

[1] http://mtjm.eu/releases/parabola/parabola-mips64el-20120503.tar.bz2


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